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Pup by Gary McEvoy from Peterborough
06. July 2010
Catherine, very cute pup, we thought of a few names to add to the list; Bubble Pixie Bella Bambi Although if its a vote Tinker gets ours! see you soon all the mcevoys xo
Thanks Gary, Lydia, Oisin and Finn. Brings back memroies, Gary, of when you were running after the pups at Tullyraine! Looking forward to see you all at Brian's wedding on Friday. Catherine
pup by john&nicola barry from craigavon
05. July 2010
we think you should call her "lowtown lola the showgirl", lola for short, best of luck with her she's a great pup.
Thanks John and Nicola. I can't believe a pup's name could cause so much interest on a website. The administrator actually closed down the voting module voting earlier tonight due to so many votes being cast!
Christening photos by Sarah Comiskey from Laurencetown
05. July 2010
Catherine, photos of Stephen Gerards christening are lovely we're delighted with them and great to have them online so all our family and friends who couldn't attend can see them! Thanks again, Sarah
it was a pleasure Sarah and I'll put them on a cd for you. Catherine
Name that dog by Gerald Powell from Laurencetown
05. July 2010
Tully, no - she looks like a CLARE.
Well, we all know that everything that is good comes from the Clare.
Puppy Names by Sr Bernadette Duffy from South Africa
05. July 2010
Hi Catherine I'd like to suggest 'Chaka' or 'Vuvuzela' Love Bernadette
Puppy names by Lynn Laverty from Hallsmill
05. July 2010
Hi Cat, the puppy is gorgeous!! I think she should be called Tully [short for Tullylish of course!!]
Thanks Lynn. Fr. P. suggested that one also.
Catherine's singing threat. by Colum McGarry from Laurencetown
04. July 2010
Catherine, thank you for the warning in your reply to my wonderful suggestion for the pup. Anyway, I am so glad you decided NOT to sing with the Male Voice Choir during the final hymn as it is musically important, not alone vital, that everyone sings in the same key, even if they are in the Congregation.
I understand Colum, but I have a MASTER KEY and I find it fits every hymn you play!
Name the dog by maisie mcguire from craigavon
04. July 2010
i think that Dilila would be a good name for your little puppy is is so adorable
That's certainly an unusual one! Thank you.
Name the dog by Colum McGarry from Laurencetown
04. July 2010
Well Catherine, I've been thinking hard about the name of that wee dog, so hard that I've hardly had a wink of sleep all night, anyway, it looks more like a Supercalifragilisticexbialadosis to me...you don't have to thank me.
It's take you to come up with something like that! It probably took you all night to spell it! By the way, the M.V.C. was brilliant last night, especially the final hymn Hail Queen of Heaven. I nearly felt like singing myself!
Name of dog by Sarah Conn from Gilford
03. July 2010
What a lovely dog. I think she should be called Tinker and my mum thinks she should be called Jude.
Thank you Sarah - two lovely names and I'll add them to the list. Catherine
Name of Dog by Niamh Treanor from Laurencetown
03. July 2010
I think you should be called Twinkle.
That's a lovely name, Niamh. and you have a twinkle in your eye too!
Name for Dog by Devyn Savage from Tullylish
03. July 2010
I like the name Angel from Devyn Savage aged 4
Thanks Devyn and I'm sure you are an angel too!
Name of Dogf by Meg and Mary from England
03. July 2010
What a lovely little dog, Mary and I think it should be Maisie..as you can see as I'm recuperating we are taking things VERY easy. Meg
Thanks to you both. Gald to see Mary is working hard!
Name of dog by Joan from Lurgan
03. July 2010
Hi Catherine, the name for the dog could be 'Lucky'
Thanks Joan. the name is in the hat!
Well done by Fr. Gerry Powell from Laurencetown
30. June 2010
Congrats Catherine on reaching 300,000 hits on our website. Thank you for all your hard work.
Thanks Fr. Powell
Geraldine's Party by Maggi & Eric from England
29. June 2010
Hi Catherine I have just been looking at Geraldine's surprise party pics with Mary, they are fab!!! It so lovely to see people who have grown up together still in the same community, something to treasure I can tell you. This is a great website and I do look at it frequently..but somehow I get lost in time and wonder where the day went. Its so good to see a little bit of home and the people we know, thanks for doing this as it means a lot to us 'over the water'. I'm trying to work our wee Mary but shes not budging!!! but so glad to have her here with me...as you can imagine we have so many laughs!! best regards Meg Corby (Margaret Byrne)
60th by Nora Jordan from Laurencetown
26. June 2010
Loved the photos of Geraldine's birthday Catherine. Well done.
Thanks Nora
Geraldine's Birthday by Paula Burke from Perth, Western Australia
24. June 2010
I just loved the photo's of Geraldine's birthday, looked like a great night. Well done everyone for keeping the secret, hard to believe she never found out... Also Catherine I loved the very last photo of my dad, is there any chance you could email me a copy of it please?? Paula
Good to hear from you Paula. It was almost as big a miracle to get Eamon Campbell in a photo as it was keeping the secret from Geraldine! I'll send the photo on now. Take care Catherine
Birthday Gal ! by Anne Campbell White from Lurgan
23. June 2010
Happy 60th Geraldine McCusker.you don't look a day over ........59! great pics and great surprise you deserve it .See ya at the Point ! Love ,n luck from Anne James, Sean,and Muriel xxx
Thanks for sending on the greeting Anne.
foxes caption by gerry o dowd from aghagallon
23. June 2010
Maynard I don't want to seem ungrateful but when you said you were taking me down to Clare for the weekend I thought........
Very good Gerry!
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