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A Christmas Story by Patrick Finnegan from MELBOURNE, Australia.
05. December 2011
"A Christmas Story"What an awesome video! Catherine. Thank You for posting this on 'the web' I think of all the people that will see this on this web-site, including the ex-pats north and south of the Equator!!!You are a great blessing to us,for sure. Is there any chance of you sending this to my e-mail? I would like to wish you and yours, and those who surf tullylish.com, a Happy,Peaceful CHRISTmas and every blessing possible for 2012. NOLLAIG SHONA!
Hi Patrick I'll forward the link to you - and a very Happy Christmas to you also and all your family
Down's but Not Out by Paula Jordan from Laurencetown
03. December 2011
We went to see the new play "Downs But Not Out" in Lurgan Town Hall last night. It was extremley funny and poignant - a box of tissues is an essential when going to see this. The highlight of the show though was the star of the evening - Mark Blevins. Mark was excellent in the leading role of Luke - a truly great performance Mark - well done! We're very proud of you.
And so say all of us!
Mark Blevins by Donna mcgivern from Gilford
28. November 2011
just want to wish Mark Good Luck with His latest acting role .. well done & God bless x Donna & Gabriel Mc Givern .
Thanks Donna and Gabriel
Hi by Nan Thomsen from Denmark
24. November 2011
Hi Catherine been a while from I have been on,my husband pasted away at Easter, With the Lord´s help and faith in him I am starting to get back to every day life again.This sounds silly but logging on to your web site has helped me to feel close to Gilford and home.Now I need to do something usefull for others and was thinking if I could ask you if you and the ladies from TLC would be so kind to send me some patterns for the small baby hats and the patterns for the little stillborn babies,so could I maybe start and help here in the local hospital,I will of course pay all postage Kind regards Nan
Hi Nan Please accept our condolences on the death of your husband. You must be feeling very lonely and I'm glad our website has helped you. You are very often in our thoughts. I will, of course, send you on the patterns etc. and hopefully you will be home in Gilford very soon. Take care Nan Catherine
Congratulations Fr.Stephen by Patrick Finnegan from Melbourne, Australia
08. November 2011
Congratulations, Fr.Crossan upon your recent appointment as C.C. in Gilford, Tullylish Parish. I am sure you will be an asset to the Parish,and the township of Gilford, in particular. This is where I was born and reared and received my academic and spiritual formation. I knew your dad, Andy, also Grandparents Billy and Minnie! From Paddy, Perla and P.J. Finnegan.
Thank you by patricia evers from dublin
07. November 2011
thanks a million, Catherine, for all your kind attention to me, my daughter Sarah and son Peter when we stayed in Ballydougan recently. My son Peter was particularly thrilled to see his grandfather's birth records.
Thank you by patricia evers from dublin
07. November 2011
thanks a million, Catherine, for all your kind attention to me, my daughter Sarah and son Peter when we stayed in Ballydougan recently. My son Peter was particularly thrilled to see his grandfather's birth records.
That's great Patricia. It was lovely to meet you again, and your family. I'll be in touch.
happy birthday by FERGAL FEGAN from Melbourne, Australia
17. October 2011
I just wanted to wish my old my man John Fegan happy 70th birthday. Great site for us people oversea's keeping in touch with all things local.. keep up the good work cheers..
Thanks Fergal and happy birthday from tullylish.com to John!
happy birthday by Fergal Fegan from Melbourne, Australia
15. October 2011
I would just like to wish the old man JOHN FEGAN Happy Birthday 70 today.. cheers great site keep up the good work..
Mrs by Martina Dempsey Toner from Belfast
03. October 2011
Hi, this is my first visit to this site and I am very impressed with all the info & pictures. I am tracing my Donnelly family tree and it has led me to Tullylish via Seapatrick. My Great Granda was Felix Donnelly son of Felix Donnelly & Catherine Downey. My Great Great Granda was Felix Donnelly son of Hugh Donnelly & Rose Fegan. I am hoping to get some info on my Great Great Great Grandparents Hugh Donnelly & Rose Fegan. Many of my Donnelly relatives appear to have been tailors. If you think you can help then please feel free to email me. You have a brilliant website - one of the best I've came across.
Thanks Martina. I will be in touch regarding your relatives when I look through our registers.
My wee brother by Dolores O'Neill (nee O'Dowd) from Tullydagan Road, Lurgan
18. September 2011
Hello Catherine Got a telephone call from my brother Gerard today who directed me to the website to look at the photos of John back at school. Felt very proud to see him but also to see Mrs O'Hare or Miss McNeill as I knew her when she taught me. I loved her she was a brilliant teacher and so glamorous, A lot of changes since I was in Laurencetown because of course it was the old school I attended. I love the website and will now be a frequent visitor to it. Keep up the good work Catherine.
Thanks Dolores - your 'wee brother' told me he is also a frequent visitor to tullylish.com. It was great to see Mrs. O'Hare there - of course I was a lot younger than all of you O'Dowds!! Think of the number of us who used to walk down to school - I think there were 18 of us at one time - The Campbells, Greene's, O'Dowd's, Tighes and McEvoys - and that's before we joined all the McCartans at the end of their lane!
Mr by Les Barkla from Brisbane Australia
17. September 2011
Hello. I'm in Dublin today doing some research before I venture up to County Down, Tullylish by Monday 19/9 to look up ancestor history records and have a look around. Would love to make contact with someone local who might be able to help me in my research Mary Jane Fraser married to Richard Frazer on 17/1/1857 in the Parish Church Doughan Tullylish. Also, trying find ancestry history on Mary's family. • James Kennedy born 1816 Mullabrack County Down, died 20/12/1876 in Gympie Australia – I cannot find any details on his wife: Elanor Aitchison (or Acheson) – have given a 10 year period for marriage and tried both surnames but no luck • James’s father – William Kennedy – cannot find anything on him either Kind regards Les Barkla lesbarkla@@hotmail.com P: 07751867056
Hello Les, I have sent an e-mail to your address with further information - your family seems to belong to Tullylish Church of Ireland and I have forwarded you the relevant details. Good luck with your search catherine@ tullylish records.
the 'wee' brother by Gerry O'Dowd from Lurgan
16. September 2011
Hi Catherine. so proud of the "wee" brother Gerry
I'm sure you are, Gerry. Couldn't help but think of Vincey and Bridie yesterday and how proud they would have been of 'your wee brother'!
Minister for Education - visit by John Monaghan from St. Colman's Bann Primary School
15. September 2011
Catherine, Thank you for showing everyone such great coverage of this special occasion. We were all very proud of John O'Dowd today. It was a celebration for the parish and wider community represented by the small number of guests we were equipped to invite. For so many people in our community this will stir up many happy memories of their childhood. We can all reflect on how important our formative childhood days have been, and this helps us to ensure that our children have positive experiences as they are growing and developing. Happy Days!
Well said John. A proud day indeed, especially for Mrs. O'Hare and Mrs. McGivern to witness three of their pupils standing side by side in such prominent positions in Education. YIZ ARE GREAT!
thanks by annette barry from newry
26. August 2011
enjoy your website lets me know whats happening
Thanks Annette
T by lorraine Finnegan/McConville from aus vic
19. August 2011
Hi every one, just a little word to say we r all fine hear in vic the weather is picking up looking forward to the summer and coming home for the new year and seeing every one. so see you all soon love the McCONVILLES
A Musical Announcement by Colum McGarry from Laurencetown & Nashville
05. August 2011
Catherine, I am so looking forward being pianist for Sr. Bernadette's party on Sunday night, but as always, I will be dedicating, playing and singing, "My Secret love" to you, our very own special song. Everyone knows what that means to you when I do it for you, - you know, that wee glint in your eye that you get and that big smile of yours (which doesn't be seen very often), anyway, I look forward to it. x
Can't wait Colum!
Patrick Finnegan by Kathleen Brady from Laurencetown
24. June 2011
Patrick Finnegan Down Under in Australia Can you send an email to Caoimhe. her email address is caoimhebrady1@hotmail.com. need to speak with you and Catherine the website is fantastic. you've made it very well
Thanks Kathleen.
Welcome home Sr. Bernadette! by PATRICK FINNEGAN from Melbourne,Australia
24. June 2011
Catherine, Just to encourage you; This web-site is really fantastic! As an ex-pat I love to catch up with the going-ons back home. Please say " Hello " to Sr.Bernadette for me.We used to be close neighbors on Whinney Hill.I was a good friend of Sean and Joannie, her parents, too! Please pass on to her my e-mail address as I hope to contact her sometime. Again, Catherine, keep up the great work! Paddy and family Down Under!!!
Hi Paddy. I will pass on your e-mail address to Sr. B. and I'm sure she will be delighted to read your message. Take care Catherine
Magnificently inspiring website. by Mary Wilkinson from Canada
18. June 2011
Thank you for this magnificently inspiring website. Beautiful beyond words! My ancestors from County Down were BLAINS. I suspect they were Presbyterian. I also had BALFOURS and WHITES from County Fermanagh (Anglicans), Then there were DINANS and HARTNEDYS from County Clare, ardent Roman Catholics, SHERMAN , many others from Galway, Tipperary, Limerick and Cork as well as Meath, and Antrim…Mary Wilkinson, Erindale Village, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, where they all settled, intermarried and lived inspiring lives, still making grand contributions to Canada’s history. By the way, my oldest son Matthew is the Historian for Heritage Mississauga if people from your area came to Ontario, maybe he or his students can help. Once again, a very sincere THANK YOU. The photographs are wonderful.
Thank you Mary for your lovely comments - you certainly have a very varied ancestry! Thanks also for your very kind offer of help to anyone who may visit Ontario. Please do keep in touch. catherine@tullylish.com
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