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Heaven's Supermarket

Heaven’s Supermarket

I was walking down life’s highway, not so long before,

When I saw a sign which read: HEAVEN’S UNIVERSAL STORE.

As I came a little closer, the doors slid open wide,

And somehow I found myself standing right inside.

The store was full of angels serving everywhere,

One, handing me a trolley, said:

“Welcome; shop with care;

Everything a Christian needs is in this Heavenly Store

And what you don’t take today, you can come tomorrow for.”

First I chose some PATIENCE, my stock of that was low and

LOVE was near for all to see, right in the middle row.

Then I took a tray of WISDOM and a bag or two of GRACE

And lots of PERSEVERANCE, to help me last the pace.

I asked a helping Angel where KINDNESS could be found,

and straight away she brought me a bunch with silken ribbon bound.

SALVATION was on “offer” with limitless guarantee,

So I took enough of that to serve you and me.

Making for the check-out, I saw PRAYER and put that in,

For I knew that when I stepped outside, I’d come face to face with sin

And next to prayer where PEACE and JOY on the very last bright shelf,

With “SONGS and PRAISES” piled up near - so I just helped myself.

My shopping spree was finished now so I asked “How much do I owe?”

the Angel just smiled and said, ”Do take care as you go.”

But once again I asked “Please, will you tell me what I owe?

Still smiling the Angel said,

“Your bill, child was paid in full, some 2000 years ago.”



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