Clerical Changes 2012 Print

Clerical changes in Dicoese of Dromore 2012

Very Rev Cathal Jordan, P.P., Seagoe, retires, becomes Pastor emeritus;

Very Rev Aidan Hamill, P.P., St Peter’s parish, Lurgan, also becomes P.P., St Paul’s parish, Lurgan;

Very Rev Michael Maginn, P.P., St Paul’s, Lurgan, to be chaplain, Craigavon Area Hospital and Lurgan Hospital (with the status of P.P) and a member of pastoral team in Moyraverty and Seagoe;

Very Rev Patrick J Murray, P.P., Dromore to be P.P., Moyraverty and Seagoe;

Very Rev Martin McAlinden, P.P., Moyraverty, to be Diocesan Director of Adult Faith Formation and P.P., Dromore;

Rev Desmond Mooney, C.C., Moyraverty to be C.C., Moyraverty and Seagoe;

Rev Conor McConville, C.C., Newry, to be C.C., St Peter’s parish and St Paul’s parish, Lurgan;

Rev. Stephen Crossan, chaplain Craigavon Area Hospital and C.C., Tullylish to be C.C., Seapatrick;

Rev Andrew McMahon, C.C., St Paul’s parish, Lurgan, takes up a pastoral appointment in the diocese of Geraldton, Australia;

Rev Jusef Wozniak, Society of Christ, to be C.C. St Peter’s parish and St Paul’s parish, Lurgan;

Rev Mario Jachym, Society of Christ, C.C., St Peter’s, Lurgan, to be C.C., St Peter’s parish and St Paul’s parish, Lurgan.

Rev Tony Corr, C.C., Seapatrick to be C.C., Newry;

Very Rev Michael Hackett, P.P., Kilbroney, resigns as parish priest, becomes Pastor emeritus, serving as assistant priest, Newry;

Very Rev Stephen Ferris, P.P., Drumgath, resigns as parish priest and is undertaking further studies at Keele University;

Very Rev John Kearney, Adm., Clonallon, also becomes P.P., Kilbroney;

Very Rev Charles Byrne, P.P, Burren and Mayobridge, also becomes P.P., Drumgath;

Very Rev Peter McNeill, Adm., Drumgooland and Dromara to be P.P., Drumgooland and Dromara;

Rev Brendan Kearns, C.C., Clonallon and (since 2011) Administrator, Kilbroney, to be C.C., Clonallon and Kilbroney, with the authority to administer Kilbroney;

Rev Niall Sheehan, C.C., Newry, on leave of absence due to ill health;

Rev Tom McAteer, C.C., Burren and Mayobridge, also becomes C.C., Drumgath.