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Bells to be rung on St Patrick's Day to express social solidarity

Church bells across Ireland will be rung at 11.00am on St. Patrick’s Day when we are all invited to say a prayer, wherever we are.

Ringing church bells is a call to prayer – wherever people are – “and a reminder of the faith that has sustained the people of our island throughout the centuries”.

“The bell ringing is also an expression of social solidarity, an encouragement to care for one other, and for all of us to be inspired and remain hopeful at the difficult time.”

Archbishop Eamon reminds us that we Irish have always turned to God for our protection in darkest times. “When we ask God for his protection, like St Patrick did, we are asking for serenity and peace of mind,” he says. “I ask you to pray for our health workers and medical scientists who are trying to find the best possible treatment and vaccine for this virus.

“Pray also for our government and health authorities that they can make wise judgements about how to limit the virus.”