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In memory of Mrs. Sheila McConville

In memory of Sheila McConville.

1963 - 30th September 2022

Without doubt we are here today far too soon. Old age was far from Sheila’s life, even looking at her in the coffin she looked so young and full of life, but sadly it was her body that had given it’s all and it couldn’t give any more because of the challenging illness Sheila had to face and endure for almost twenty-five years. Fifty-eight just doesn’t seem old enough to die.

Sheila, I am sure did not want to die because of the type of lady she was, but she has indeed left us with wonderful memories as wife, mother, twin, sister, granny, aunt, friend and neighbour. We all have lost something because we have all lost Sheila.

Sheila was born in Lurgan to Eileen and Joe Toman in 1963. She was the tenth child of twelve children and also a twin to her brother Stephen, Sheila being the youngest twin. Sheila went to Tannaghmore Primary school and then went to St Mary’s Secondary School and then to St Michael’s.

After leaving school Sheila went and did a Secretarial tying Course in Lurgan Tech. It was around this time also, that love came along and Sheila met Kevin. Sheila was first employed as a Legal Secretary in Belfast with Carson and McDowell Solicitors.

It was during this time that Sheila and Kevin were married and Sheila became a stay-at-home mum and reared her children.

In time Sheila went back into the work force working in a Building Society, then in St. Michael’s School and then back into the legal world working for both Paddy Parks solicitors and Paul Kennedy solicitors. After all that Sheila retired to become a full-time granny.

Illness had lived long with Sheila being only 34 years old in 1998 when cancer struck. Sheila lived with, battled with, cried with and slept with her cancer at home, in the hospitals, the Cancer Centre, even on holidays, at work and so on.

Despite it all, Sheila was the life and soul of the party. She always had a smile on her face, enjoyed every gathering, spoke to everyone. She was without doubt a social butterfly. Well, let’s face it, Sheila will have plenty of flowers to drop onto as she busies herself in the gardens of heaven.

As Sheila lived through her illness in life she was without doubt an inspiration, a wonderful woman to many other suffers of cancer, let alone to all those who weren’t suffers of cancer either.

Sheila loved her Wednesday shopping days out with her sisters. Debenhams will not know what hit it now that Sheila will not be calling in.

All her play-dates with her grandchildren are now no more for them but for Sheila and her side-kick Lynn they can now enjoy them from heaven.

All her plans now are for heaven only and I know your lives and your plans here will be much emptier without her.

Kevin and the children would still rather have Sheila wearing the trousers and giving the orders than to have the house silent and absent of her.

Today, we give Sheila back to God in thanksgiving for all she was and did for us and to us. Sheila only leaves us for a time and in God’s own time we will be re-united again in his mansion of many rooms as Jesus told us about in our gospel.

Sad as we will be for a time, let us never forget the memories that we have of Sheila. They are the one thing that death does not and cannot ever take from us.

From speaking with Kevin and the children it is obvious you have shared a joyous life and home together despite the cancer and all that it brought to your life and world. Keep enjoying Sheila in your memories until you meet her again in heaven.

Until then, let us simply pray: Eternal rest…

I would just like to take a moment to offer my sympathies to Kevin and to his children: Deborah, Mark, Laura and Sarah. Also, to his daughter and sons-in-law, Rebecca, Chris, Gavin and Christopher and also to Sheila’s grandchildren Emma, Jack and ILA and the new expected little one too.

To all of Sheila’s brothers and sisters, Damian, Dermot, Ray, Stephen, Ursula, Mary, Nuala and Monica and to all of Sheila’s brothers and sisters-in-law, Myra, Pip, Linda, Jim, Alan, Mickey, Patsy, Bernie, Mary, Jacqueline and Ibon. And to all of Sheila’s nieces and nephews, cousins, neighbours and friends assuring you of my prayers and support.




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